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Links to Projects

Some of the Organizations Making an Impact with Schowalter Foundation Charitable Distributions

The impact of and opportunities created by some of the many recent grants provided by The Schowalter Foundation are documented online. Some of the links are listed below:

A film funded by Schowalter Foundation describing SEMILLA

SEMILLA Latin American Anabaptist Seminary:  Semillas de Paz (Seeds of Peace) tells the story of a school that emerged as beacon of peace, justice and community building in the context of systemic violence and oppression. Based in Guatemala City, SEMILLA now serves 700 adult church and community leaders and 250 North American university students each year.  Film length 37 minutes.  Production of the film was significantly funded by The Schowalter Foundation.

Bethel College

Hope for Congo working through Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission

Mennonite Education Agency

Mennonite Health Services

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship

Nazareth Hospital

South Central Mennonite Conference