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Schowalter Foundation Charitable Distributions

The Schowalter Foundation Mission Statement and Funding Policies document provides general detail of the types of projects funded. Funded projects should challenge, encourage and stimulate further outreach and witness.

The Schowalter Foundation Board of Directors prudently and prayerfully considers the various funding applications that come primarily from Mennonite boards, committees, agencies and organizations. The Schowalter Foundation is seeking to fund relief efforts, missionary endeavors, peace and social concerns, programs to alleviate hunger and other worthy causes. Of specific interest are new programs with broad application that address these concerns.

Charitable Distributions

What Do Schowalter Charitable Distributions Support?

An analysis of Schowalter Foundations’ charitable distributions in recent years provides the following information regarding the recipients of funding:

  • MCUSA and its agencies and conferences, approximately 25%
  • Church of God in Christ, Mennonite and its projects, approximately 25%
  • MCUSA Colleges and Seminary scholarships, approximately 22%
  • Mennonite churches and Mennonite related institutions and projects, approximately 23%
  • Other worthy charitable projects with preference for local ministries, approximately 5%