Creating Your Legacy

Do you want your assets to generate income for charitable causes for many years to come? Would you desire to have your assets provide for worthy causes such as hunger alleviation, mission relief, and peace and social concerns?

Over the past 70 years, the Schowalter Foundation has diligently and prudently managed the assets of the Foundation, funding more than $25 million in charitable distributions for such projects. Your farm assets can become part of this ongoing legacy through one of the ways outlined below.

Transforming Land into Legacy

  • Have you considered extending your legacy by gifting farmland that continues to give for many years to come?
  • Do you want a proven, trustworthy organization to manage your farmland and the worthy distribution of the proceeds?
  • Consider gifting appreciated farmland or undeveloped land that you have held for more than a year to The Schowalter Foundation. We will carefully manage your land with the help of our trusted farm operators.  Funds generated from farm operations will be distributed to support charitable causes within the Foundation’s Funding Policies.

It may be to your financial advantage to give a gift of land now rather than later through your estate.  Contact your tax consultant for determine if this is a wise option for you.

Charitable Gift Annuity – Charitable Giving That Pays You Income

  • Would you like to gift farmland now and remain confident that you will receive ongoing payments throughout your retirement years?

You can accomplish these goals right now with a charitable gift annuity.

Schowalter Foundation is a 509(a)(3) non-profit organization that can receive your gift of farmland or other assets.  The Foundation, in return, agrees to pay you a fixed amount each year for the rest of your life.

This type of donation can provide you with regular payments for life and allow you to make a difference in the lives of others through your gift.

Donor’s Benefits.  The donor’s benefits from a gift of appreciated farmland in exchange for a charitable gift annuity from The Schowalter Foundation include:

  • An income stream for life, likely much greater than current cash flow generated by the farmland.
  • An itemized charitable tax deduction for a portion of the value.
  • A portion of the ongoing income is tax-free during the annuitant’s expected lifetime, and the portion taxed is likely to include components of both capital gain and ordinary income.
  • Reduction in capital gains tax liability based on the fair market value of your land.
  • Older donors qualify for higher annuity rates.
  • Donors leave a legacy and support The Schowalter Foundation in its ongoing charitable work.

It may be possible that you or your family could continue to farm your land, generating personal income while it is supporting multiple charitable causes.

Contact your legal or financial advisor to make sure your possible charitable gift fits with your financial situation and goals.