Charitable Distributions

Income for The Schowalter Foundation comes from farming operations, oil and gas royalties, investment returns and charitable contributions. Twice each year, the Board of The Schowalter Foundation prudently and prayerfully considers many worthy opportunities presented in the form of funding requests.

Funding requests that will be considered should originate from a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The funding request should align with the mission and funding policies of this Foundation. To learn more, click on the Mission and Funding Policies link below.

Funding requests are due March 1 and September 1 of each year

Funding requests not received by those deadlines may not be considered. If the deadline is missed, an applicant may be asked to resubmit the request for the next upcoming deadline.

Schowalter Foundation is a supporting organization of Everence Foundation which receives grants of Schowalter Foundation income. Schowalter Foundation then makes recommendation to Everence Foundation to make distributions to charitable 501(c)(3) organizations for specific uses they have defined in their funding requests.

Recipients of charitable distributions from the Schowalter Foundation shall report on the use of funds, no later than one year after receipt of funds.