News Releases

November 19, 2023  Schowalter Foundation hires new President and General Manager

Schowalter Foundation has appointed Diane Yoder as President and General Manager.  The Foundation, located in North Newton, Kansas, manages over $27M in farmland and investments for charitable purposes.  Each year, nearly $1million in income is distributed to charitable causes that align with the mission and funding policies of the organization.

Yoder grew up on a farm near Hesston, Kansas and remains active in the oversight of the family’s farming operations.  She attended Hesston College and Wichita State University, earning a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

In the late 1990’s, Yoder served on the Schowalter Foundation Board.  Her career and family opportunities have involved moves to California, Arizona, Michigan and now back to Kansas.  She has served in roles such as Vice President of Marketing for Bluestem Communities, Executive Director of a nonprofit serving adults with development disabilities, Community Liaison for the largest hospice provider in Arizona, and various college administration and instructional roles at five different colleges.  Successful careers in real estate were part of her career paths in California, Kansas, and Arizona as well.

Yoder states, “I look forward to continuing the legacy of J.A. Schowalter, who wanted his worldly wealth to continue to support the work of Mennonite churches and of organizations with similar faith and values long after his life was over.  Imagine gifting $1million in assets in the mid-1950’s and, about 70 years later, generating over $25million of charitable giving through this foundation.  Mr. Schowalter’s vision has created a working organization that can assist others who wish to have their land and assets provide a continuing legacy of charitable giving and support.”