Be a Part of the Schowalter Legacy

As a donor to The Schowalter Foundation, you will support its ongoing legacy and the many organizations, institutions and Mennonite related initiatives that it provides funds for each year.

The Board of The Schowalter Foundation prudently and prayerfully considers many worthy opportunities presented in the form of funding requests, twice each year. Income for The Schowalter Foundation comes from farming operations, oil and gas royalties, investment returns and charitable contributions. Grants from income are made to Everence Foundation. The Schowalter Foundation Board then makes recommendations for funding distributions from Everence Foundation to be distributed to charitable 501(c)(3) organizations for specific uses they have defined in their funding requests.

The Schowalter Foundation invites you to be a part of their ongoing legacy!

You can be a part of this legacy with your donation of farmland, commodities or cash

The donation of farmland to The Schowalter Foundation can generate significant and ongoing benefits to the projects that Schowalter Foundation will support! The landowner’s (Schowalter’s) share of the farm income would be distributed to numerous charitable causes and the land would continue in operation to generate income for charity for many years, and even generations, to come. The donation of farmland can be made during the donor’s lifetime or through a will or trust. It provides significant and unique benefits to you as donor!

  • Upon receipt of donated farmland, Schowalter’s objective would be to maintain long-term ongoing ownership and operation of the land. Likely, the tenant currently farming the land would continue to farm it.
  • A farmer donating land could continue to farm it as tenant, continuing to generate personal income as well as knowing that the landowner’s share of income will go to charitable causes. Or, if the land is being farmed by family or friend, they would likely remain as tenant farmer.
  • The donor can get an immediate tax deduction based on the current value of the real estate.
  • Dependent upon circumstances, ownership structure and legal analysis, other financially beneficial options may be available. This could include the provision for ongoing annuity payments to the donor for the reminder of the donor’s life.
The donation of commodities or cash will provide an immediate boost to the income of The Schowalter Foundation which will increase the amount of funds available for current charitable grants.
The donation of commodities provides a special opportunity for farmers, which primarily is a reduction in self-employment taxes. To give a commodity from your farm, simply notify us at The Schowalter Foundation, and then you sell the commodity acting as our agent. The buyer will send a check to The Schowalter Foundation.

A Charitable Gift Annuity in exchange for donation of farmland provides ongoing cash payments to the donor(s) for their life. Charitable gift annuities from donors willing to make a gift of appreciated farmland to the Schowalter Foundation may provide the following benefits:

  • Annuity payments that may be greater than the current cash flow from the farmland.
  • Guaranteed periodic payments that are partially tax-free.
  • Higher annuity rates are available for older donors.
  • The start date of annuity payments can be flexible.
  • Part of the value of the charitable gift annuity qualifies as an itemized charitable deduction.

We would love to hear from you

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